Preadmission testing

  • Approximately 10-12 days prior to your surgery, pre-testing will be required and will likely involve lab work, a chest x-ray and an EKG.
  • You do not have to fast prior to this testing.
  • Please bring all of your current medications with you in the original pharmacy container.

Medical clearance

  • Approximately 7-10 days prior to surgery, your primary care physician will need to fax your medical clearance to our office at (716) 631-9525. If you need assistance with scheduling medical clearances, please contact us. Medical clearances must be complete at least seven days prior to your surgery.

Hospital arrival time

  • We will contact you at least one business day prior to your surgery to confirm your surgery time and your arrival time. Your arrival time at the hospital will be two to three hours before your scheduled surgery time.

 Additional information

  • Do NOT eat or drink after midnight the night before your surgery. This includes gum, Lifesavers, candy and coffee.
  • It is recommended that you cease smoking at least four weeks prior to surgery.
  • If you take prescribed medications for your heart, blood pressure or diabetes, please discuss this with your primary care physician and your surgeon to determine what meds should and can be taken the morning of your surgery.
  • If you are taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory or blood thinning medications (aspirin, Coumadin, Plavix, etc.) you must stop taking these medications seven days PRIOR to your surgery. Tylenol is not in the category and may be continued.

Remember…Do NOT take any type of blood thinning medications including, but not limited to, the following medications for seven days prior to your surgery:

Plavix (Clopidogrel)
Aspirin (EXCEPTION: If you are scheduled for a carotid endarterectomy, you should continue with Plavix or aspirin or the medication you were prescribed).
Pletal (Cilostazol)
Naprosyn (Naproxen)
Mobic (Meloxicam)
Vitamin E

Please continue all other medications as prescribed by your physician.

Please call our office if you have questions or contact us at