At the Brain and Spine Centre, it’s the right care, right now. For Canadian patients, our offerings are a dream come true. Here, it’s a win-win situation. The medical care our patients need, in a timely fashion.

Canadian Patients

We’re happy to assist our Canadian patients in every way possible. Our goal is to provide our patients with comprehensive, compassionate care, from the initial diagnosis to treatment and recovery.


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We start by helping you schedule your consultation and appointments. We’ll walk you through what the procedure is like and go over your post-operative care. And we’ll also help you navigate the payment process, so you know exactly what your costs will be in advance. But we don’t stop there. The Brain and Spine Centre will schedule your travel and accommodations, and truly act as your medical concierge. We’ll go above and beyond to make your visit hassle-free.

If you’ve been waiting for medical treatment for months or even years, it’s time to seek a second opinion just across the Peace Bridge.

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